2. 1.What advice and guidelines will you provide Chen       about including foods in his eating pattern that meets his needs for       vitamin B12? Consider his diet, age and gender. Remember he does not eat       meat or poultry. He will eat dairy and egg products.
  3. 2.Should Chen be concerned about his intake of       VitaminB12 and other vitamins and minerals if his diet remains primarily a       plant based protein diet? What nutrients are lacking in his diet that he       should be concerned about.
  4. 3.What is the       medical condition that Chen has developed in his senior advanced years       preventing his body from absorbing vitamin B12 as efficiently as possible?       Remember what we have discussed in class about B12 deficiencies and their       cause in adults in their advancing years. Please explain your answer.
  5. 4.Provide Chen menu for one day which would provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner which meets Canadian dietary recommendations as outlined in “Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide”, for his age, gender with special concern to his intake of vitamin B12. Remember no meat or poultry can be used as he is a vegetarian. Include quantities and basic analysis of macronutrients to support recommendation.

Suggestions for Research and Gathering Information

  • Go to the Health Canada’s website for dietary recommendations provided by Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide” at
  • Review class handouts regarding recommendations for the intake of vitamin B12 and its dietary sources.
  • Go to Dietitian of Canada’s website for recommendation and guidelines for vitamins and minerals at
  • Review guidelines provided by Health Canada’s website on maintaining healthy habits and lifestyle at

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