meat and dairy illness outbreaks

  • Review the following meat and dairy illness outbreaks and pick one as the topic for your case study analysis.
    • Schwann’s Ice cream
    • John Barr Wishaw butcher shop
    • Wyeth Nutritionals Powdered Infant Formula
    • Wright County Egg of Galt Iowa
    • Pilgrim’s Pride Sliceable Turkey
    • ConAgra Pot Pies
    • Cadbury’s Chocolate
    • Student choice- approval must be given by instructor first
  • Research the outbreak using at least 3 sources as references.
  • In a two to three page Word document, analyze the outbreak and include:
    • The timeline of the outbreak
    • How the outbreak progressed, i.e. its pattern or epidemiology
    • Cause of contamination
    • Factors that contributed to the outbreak – human error, animal behavior, government involvement or lack of involvement
    • Analysis of the microbiology involved – What pathogens were found? What measures were taken to end the outbreak?
    • Results – What impact was there on the companies and people involved? Did any new policies, procedures or scientific research occur as a result of the outbreak?

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