learning activity

Week 4 Learning Activity 2

Below is a pool of three strategy-formulation analytic tools:

  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix
  • IE Matrix
  • SPACE Matrix

Based on the information that you have gathered from your Week 3 Learning Activities, please select one matrix from the above-mentioned pool and complete your selected analytic tool.

Requirement 1:

Reiterate the focal company, and identify the analytic tool for your analysis

Requirement 2:

Discuss the reasons why you chose that analytic tool.

Requirement 3:

Complete your analysis with the chosen tool.

Requirement 4:

Once you have completed the analytic tool, (a) discuss the outcome of your analysis in terms of what strategic direction the selected company should take, (b) devise the appropriate tactical strategies, and (c) explain “why” in details.

Requirement 5:

  • Support the rationale for your explanation throughout the analysis.
  • Use the appropriate APA formatted scholarly reference source and corresponding in-text citations in all your postings.

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