Challenges in the Transition Stage

During the initial stage of the group process, group members become familiar with the leader and their fellow members. Together, the leader and the participating members confirm the group goals and begin to practice behaviors that will facilitate meeting those goals. In the transition stage, the group prepares to engage in a deeper level of work. This transition requires group members to engage in self-disclosure, to become vulnerable, and to display mutual respect. Group members might display a variety of problematic or challenging behaviors that might include verbal attacks of leaders and defensive and reluctant behaviors which can be uncomfortable for leaders and members. In addition, roles begin to emerge among group members during this stage.


To lead the group effectively, leaders must understand what types of challenges to expect and know how to address them so the group can move onto the working stage of the group process. For this Discussion, explore the challenges of the transition stage and consider strategies you may use as a group leader to address the challenges.


For this Discussion, view the media Group Work: Leading in the Here and Now: Part II: Transition and Flight in the Learning Resources. Note the characteristics of the group during the transition stage and the strategies the leader uses to facilitate the group.


With these thoughts in mind:


Post by Day 3 a brief description of the group interactions you observed. Explain what interaction or difficult behavior might be the most challenging for you as a group leader at this stage, and explain what strategy you might use to address it.

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