Botulism in Argentina

Download “Botulism in Argentina” Epidemiologic computer-based case study.

There are six steps to completing an epidemiologic study.  Work through the six steps that are located throughout the downloaded program.

Describe each of the six steps of an epidemiologic study using the “Botulism in Argentina” case study as an example.  You will need to write one paragraph for each step that you complete.  Make sure to include specific details of the “Botulism in Argentina” case study in your response.

please copy this website and you can download the work

a module from the CDC that will allow you to explore how epidemiologists investigate an infectious disease outbreak.  You will need to summarize the six parts to the program.  Each part should be summarized in its own paragraph.  Make sure to discuss the data collected and how it led to final conclusion.

The module needs to be downloaded to your computer.    Once downloaded it can be found as a saved program on your computer’s hard drive.   It will either appear on your home screen or you will find it under your program files.  It will not open automatically.

It is not MAC compatible.  You will probably need to use a PC to complete the assignment.

The code is something that you make up for yourself.  This will allow you to start and stop the program.

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