Assignment: Interpret Effective Leadership Styles

Leadership encompasses a sense of power, and at times, this power can be misused by the leader in the form of an intimidating dictatorial leadership style resulting in a fearful, intimidating, untrustworthy, and hostile working environment. Board of education members have historically experienced the need to secure a new more democratic superintendent to replace one who subscribed to more of a top-down overly aggressive leadership style, leaving staff and even the larger community questioning their judgment to effectively operate the school district.

Utilizing the assigned readings for the course as well as additional applicable scholarly sources, describe a leadership style more indicative of an authentic, servant, distributive, and transformational leader you would convey as a superintendent candidate during an interview with a board of education searching for more of a democratic leader. Within your description, specify your leadership qualities, traits, characteristics, beliefs, actions, behaviors, practices, and processes, etc. you would consistently demonstrate if selected by the board of education to lead the school district as its superintendent. 

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