annotated bibliography

  1. Now prepare an annotated bibliography of ten sources on a specific subject in bioethics, which will be the subject of your research project. A good guide to possible subjects would be a review of the titles of the modules in this course. Please prepare your annotated bibliography according to the following guidelines:
  2. Include at least as many non-Internet sources as Internet sources. A non-Internet source is published in a medium that is not the Internet, such as a print journal (even if it is also published on the Internet).
  • Include more peer reviewed sources, than non-peer reviewed sources.
  • All of your sources should be of high academic quality. The New York Times and Washington Post are high quality, wikipedia and are not high quality and are unacceptable. If you are not sure if a source is high quality, then assume that it is not, and do not include it.

Spend the time to do this carefully and correctly. A complete annotated bibliography is an essential first step in successfully completing a high quality research project.

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